• Study Tours

    Keeping in view fast global education advancement, we are providing platform to those who really seeks knowledge and to explore new era of practical learning. Study tour is such a travelling experience with learning goals. We build partners in an effort to showcase the informative and coursework, also arranging for different industrial visits all over the globe. International travelling opportunities develop confidence to the students and let them know what it means to be a global traveler, which helps other students to understand our culture, history and tradition.

    Services Includes

    Local representative at destination

    Airport / accommodation transfers including local means of transport

    Travel insurance


    During study tours

    We make sure safety and smooth operations

    24/7 medical assistance

    Phone service, receiving calls from parents

    Package details

    Minimum group size of 10 students

    Age of the student must be 12-15 years

    Parents / guardians can travel along with

    Duration of visit will be 1-2 weeks


    It depend on the size of the group, duration of stay, destination as well as airfare accordingly. Whereas our main destinations are USA, Canada, UK &EU, Singapore, China & Japan.

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